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Gibraltar cable car

One of Gibraltar\’s highlights is definitely trip on the cable cars, if you are frightened of heights simply look upwards at The Rock, as it\’s the same distance upwards however no matter you are doing do not miss out on this unimaginable experience.

Built and completed by a Swiss cable car manufacturer, Von Roll, in 1966 the cable cars should be a must for all guests to the Rock. the top Station is the best place to say hello to our most famed residents, the Barbary apes, not to mention the views and also the distinctive handheld personnel audio Guide all included within the cost of your admission ticket. it\’s the ideal location to relax whilst enjoying the spectacular vistas with a hot or cold drink and a light-weight snack. the top of the Rock souvenir shop is additionally full of distinctive gifts not found in town.

The Top Station

After the exciting cable car ride up to 412 meters above the sea level it is time to relax within the scenery, take a photograph with a few of the friendly Ape and purchase a \’Top of the Rock\’ memento.

Before we point out the impressive views from the top Station of the cable cars we\’d like to talk about those most mischievous of locals, the apes! there\’s a wild pack of apes waiting to offer you a special performance of their entertaining acrobatics. indeed they\’ll no doubt be the very first to greet you as you step off the cabin and that we are certain you may be straightaway smitten

by the liberty they relish. they\’re happy for you to take pictures of them and with them however be warned, they\’re wild animals and can bite once vulnerable. don\’t try to stroke them and that they can smell food a mile off, particularly if it\’s in a bag. it\’s advisable that you simply hide all plastic baggage as they\’re the foremost opportunistic thieves you may ever meet! relish their company however keep your distance, particularly if there are young ones around.

Another pack of apes is found at the Apes Den situated at the center station of the cable car journey. we have a tendency to suggest that should you would like to explore round the Ape\’s Den you are doing so on your return to the bottom station. Please be advised that the cable cars won\’t stop at the center station between the months of Apr to Sept.

The Rock itself is a formidable sight however it\’s only once it is seen from on high that you simply begin to understand why numerous people have wanted to conquer this little isthmus and why it\’s played such a crucial part in world history. From the terraces of the top Station you\’ll be able to gaze down over the town of Gibraltar below, look north towards the Sierra Nevada mountains overlooking the beautiful Costa del Sol, the blue Mediterranean Sea and south across Strait of Gibraltar to the Rif Mountains of North Africa. briefly you\’ll be able to see two continents, three countries and also the meeting point of two huge bodies of water. spectacular isn\’t the word!

Included in your cable car ticket price is a personal hand-held audio visual guide that is exclusive in Gibraltar to the top Station. it\’ll guide you around the top Station terraces and provides you a stimulating insight into the Rock\’s fascinating history. The guide is offered in seven different languages, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and German. Employees at the top Station can ask you to provide some type of ID before giving you the hand-held unit. This of course will be given back to you after you return the unit before leaving the top Station area.

The cable cars are is open all year round seven days per week, except Christmas Day, New Years Day and also the odd day if the wind gets slightly too rebellious. If you\’re coming back from the frontier the number three bus stops right outside the cable car otherwise you can catch the bus up in town on Line Wall Road.

If you would like to experience part of the Rock on foot the cable cars are the ideal place begin your journey. The ride to the top Station is six minutes of sheer delight with views all the way up to the top. From the top Station you\’ll be able to then walk down into the beautiful nature Reserve.

We suggest that you purchase one of the cable car\’s exclusive Cable car and Nature Reserve all in one tickets, which gives you access to all of the attractions on The Rock such as the great siege tunnels and st. michael’s gave. Click here to find out more details.

Once you have returned your hand-held audio tour back in you\’ll be able to either relish the downhill amble to St Michael\’s cave or take the cable car yet again right down to the Ape\’s Den or to the bottom Station. From here you\’re a five minute walk from the South end of Main Street where you\’ll be able to shop to you drop!

Getting there

The cable cars can be found at the southern end of Main Street right next to the Alameda botanical Gardens. Buses no2, three & four can all drop you off close of the cable car base station. simply ask the friendly bus drivers to send you off in the right direction.

Which bus?

2| 3| 4

You can catch Buses 2, 3 or 4 which will all drop you off at the bus stop right outside the cable car base station.

If you decide to drive in (you are warned that you could end up in a very long queue to enter and/or exit Gibraltar) and are searching for a parking space you may be lucky and find a free parking space on Grand Parade.

Opening Times
09:30-19:15 seven days per week with the last cable car down 19:45
Except first November to thirty first March 09:30 until 17:15. Last cable car down 17:45

N.B. The cable car won\’t stop at the centre station between the months of Apr to Sept

The cable cars runs non-stop throughout the day, approximately every ten minutes. No reservation is necessary