Gibraltar Bus Company Ticket Prices 2013

These are the current bus ticket prices for buses operated by the Gibraltar Bus Company as of June 2013.

Please note that the Gibraltar Bus Company increased their bus ticket prices on May 1st 2013, the latest bus ticket prices are listed below.

Gibraltar Bus Company Ticket Prices 2013

Free travel for Gibraltar residents (and non residents who are Club Card holders)

The Gibraltar Bus Company offers free travel to all residents of Gibraltar on bus routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 as long as they can present one of the following documents when boarding:

  • Gibraltar Issued Senior Citizens Cards
  • Gibraltar Issued E1-11 Cards
  • Royal Gibraltar Police Warrant Cards
  • MoD I/D Cards
  • Club Cards (issued to non residents working in Gibraltar under the Gibraltar Employment laws)

If you are not able to present one of the above forms of ID when boarding the bus, you will not be eligible for free travel and will have to pay the relevant fare.

For those users who are not resident in Gibraltar (with the exception of Club Card holders) or those not in possession of one of the documents outlined above, the following bus fares apply:

Ticket typePoundsEuros
Adult single trip£1.50 (was £1.00)€1.80 (was €1.30)
Adult all day pass£2.25 (was £1.50)€2.75 (was €2.00)
Child single trip£1.20 (was £0.80)€1.60 (was €1.10)
Child all day pass£1.80 (was £1.20)€2.50 (was €1.60)
OAP single trip£0.75 (was £0.50)€1.00 (was €0.70)
OAP all day pass£1.20 (was £0.80)€1.60 (was €1.10)

The following bus fares apply to everyone who travels on the Route 5 bus to and from the Frontier, there is no free travel for residents of Gibraltar:

Ticket typePoundsEuros
Adult single trip£1.20€1.70
Adult all day pass£1.50€2.00
Child single trip£0.80€1.10
Child all day pass£1.20€1.60
OAP single trip£0.50€0.70
OAP all day pass£0.80€1.10
Weekly travel ticket (10 trips)£8.00€11.70

Complete Gibraltar bus timetable 2013 Information

Bus Timetables and route information for 2013 for Gibraltar Bus Company Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 4, Route 5, Route 7, Route 8 and Route 9 are all available at

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One comment on “Gibraltar Bus Company Ticket Prices 2013
  1. David says:

    on 20th sep 2014 I bought what I understood to be an all day ticket on Route 5 and went from Frontier to Main Street. We had lunch, shopped and got on a route 5 to Morrisons the ticket being punched. We stopped off at Morrisons and caught another Route 5 back to the Frontier but had to pay a further single leg ticket.
    We have used the buses over the 25 years we have been visiting Gibraltar and not had this issue raised before.

    Have you a new policy? There is a clear statement of all day tickets on this website.

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